J-K Network Manpower Services got the best for you. It is a licensed recruitment agency with Government accreditation. We are registered in Department of Trade and Industry with no. 01956641 and we are under the Department of Labor and Employment License number M-13-00-057.

We are aiming to be the best provider of highest caliber employees to BPO, call centres and companies in need of native and foreign workers here in the Philippines.

Good employees are hard to find. We find only the best because we know EMPLOYEES define company SUCCESS. We assure that each employee undergo thorough screening and background checking under our staff for expert selection.


J-K Network Manpower focuses on thorough screening of applicants to provide not only good candidates but the best available worker we can find in a short span of time to supply our clients.

J-K Network Management has highly skilled Administrative staff who can handle recruitment to filter only top listed applicants to meet the client’s target job descriptions.

We assure you our reliable service and prompt response by giving you qualified applicants' resume after you informed our staff.

Manpower Placement Services


Highly skilled native Japanese with fluency in English and are IT specialists, Project Manager of all kinds and/or Programmers, Database Administrators: SQL , DB2, Oracle, Professionals: CPA, HR Managers, Factory Engineers , English teachers, Customer service representatives and many more.
Different nationalities who are bilingual speakers such as Koreans, Chinese, Italians, Germans, Swiss, Russians, French and other Europeans with fluency in English.
Qualified Filipino workers for Japanese based companies and other foreign firms who would like to have branches in the Philippines. With numerous active resumes in our file we can get the best applicant in your hands.
J-K NETWORK performs the recruitment process from the job advertisement, background check and careful selection of the qualified workers to assure that they will provide quality service.